2018-2019 Marquette Catholic Tuition:

Did You Know…
Through the support of our benefactors, we are able to keep our tuition rates very low. We also have many financial aid options available to all families. The cost of tuition should NEVER be a reason a student could or could not attend Marquette  Catholic schools.
* Marquette Catholic has a 100% graduation rate and more than 95% of our students go on to pursue post-secondary education.
* Marquette Catholic School’s student to teacher ratio allows for individual attention for each student, contributing to the excellent academic record of our school.
* In the past 17 years, Marquette Catholic Schools has graduated 3 National Merit Scholars, and 4 Commended Students. Our graduates have also won national awards for art, academics and countless academic & athletic scholarships from colleges and universities.
* Marquette Catholic School students are encouraged to participate in athletics and/or fine arts programs as these extra-curricular activities help develop well-rounded individuals.
* The Marquette Education Center offers access to the Iowa Communication Network (ICN). This fiber optic network enables Marquette Students to take college level courses, both on campus (at Marquette) and online, in partnership with Clinton Community College.
* Although Marquette is a Catholic school, families from many denominational backgrounds enroll their children at our schools. Our students come from all races, financial situations and faith backgrounds.
* Through our Christian Service Program, students share their talents with those in need and make a significant difference in the lives they touch. This attitude of service is a lasting characteristic of our graduates, many of whom are leaders in our communities, churches and governments.

Financial Aid

STO (Student Tuition Organization) Grant Details

All families wanting to be eligible for any aid must submit an Student Tuition Organization (STO) form by going to
Student Tuition Organization

MTO (Marquette Tuition Organization) Grant Details

  1. Grants are awarded on a first come-first served basis.
  2. Grants are awarded based on financial need.
  3. Families applying for the grant must also apply for STO (Student Tuition Organization) each year they wish to receive the Marquette Tuition Grant.
  4. Students who are awarded the grant must maintain good grades and meet behavioral expectations of the school


PK 3 Year Old = $1,100 per year

PK 4 Year Old = FREE for those meeting the state of Iowa guidelines

($1,450 per year for a student who would like to repeat the class)

K-5th grades = $1905.00

6-8th grades = $2070.00

9-12th grades = $3450.00

Non-Catholic Extra Per Student

K-8th grades = $555.00

9-12th grades = $780.00


International High School Students: Check office for tuition. (563) 872-3356 or