Mr. Josh Erickson – MS Language Arts

My name is Josh Erickson. I teach English and Reading at Marquette Catholic. My classes  provide students with a lot of time to read and write. As with most aspects of life, we get better with practice. I like seeing students improve their abilities, but even more so,  I love watching students’ enjoyment of reading and writing develop throughout middle school.

I feel passionate about my teaching my subject because I am passionate about the subject itself. I love reading. My interest in reading was partially developed while I was taking my undergraduate classes at Clarke University. My wonderful teachers expanded my horizons as to what reading can be. I hope I can pass this enjoyment to my students.

Contact Me

Please let me know if you need absolutely anything at all. Everyone is working together to try and help the students, and I would love to hear all offerings to make that happen. You can contact me at