Mrs. Carol Scott Feller, MS/HS Theology

I grew up on a farm in Sumner, Iowa.  I have seven younger sisters so our house was pretty lively.  My parents were very loving and influenced me greatly.  My father taught Vocational Agriculture for 32 years in Sumner with a total of 40 years in education before he retired.  He was my hero and one of the people who steered me toward education.  My mother was a faithful woman who taught all her children about the Lord. She accepted all people and never let extra people at meals throw her for a loop. We always knew we were loved.

I graduated from Sumner Community Schools in  1973 and began classes at the University of Northern Iowa the following fall.  I loved going to school there and became involved in some campus government and other dorm activities.   I graduated in May, 1977 and started looking for a teaching position.

The beginning of August came and I didn’t have a position yet.  Around August 11 a call came from Sister Phyllis Brook about a position in Junior High.  I interviewed on a Saturday, signed the contract on Tuesday, packed on Wednesday, moved on Thursday, started workshop on Friday, and the students came the following Thursday. I believe God led me here and obviously I love what I am doing.  I taught in the middle school until 1989., taught fourth grade,  second grade one year and moved to fifth grade the fall of 1999.  The fall of 2013 the Lord had me take another path.  I am now teaching grades 7-12 theology.  This was a big step, but one which I feel I have been led to share my faith this way.

I have been coaching large group and individual speech for several years. It is wonderful to watch students grow in their ability to speak in front of others.  I truly feel blessed to be able to work with students.  Marquette Catholic is a special place and always will be in my heart.  I look forward to many more years of teaching here.

Besides reading and embroidery, I have become a camper. I enjoy the time away from the usual household duties. Camping gives me the chance to read, watch the birds, and I meet interesting people. It is surprising how many times I have met someone who has ties to Marquette Catholic or Bellevue.

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