Mrs. Kim Moore

Welcome to my webpage!

Here is a picture of my family this summer out at the farm. The family is growing with three new babies on the way this fall so a new family picture will once again be in order.
I graduated from what was then Clarke College with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. I have been teaching at Marquette Catholic since 2005. 

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Here are the classes I teach:

Computers I

In this course, students work with the Microsoft Office programs of Word, Excel, and Access.

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Computers II 

A variety of computer skills are taught in this course such as photo editing, movie making, coding, and scanning.

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Computers III 

This course is service orientated. Some of the jobs students complete are making desktop publications such as programs and certificates, updating the school website and the Iowa Hall of Pride site, and creating movies for others to review school events.

Algebra A

This yearlong course covers the first half of the Algebra curriculum.

Activities and videos can be found to supplement the textbook at

This class often uses to supplement the textbook.

Algebra B (not this year)

This course covers the second half of the Algebra curriculum.

This class often uses to supplement the textbook.

Activities and videos can be found to supplement the textbook at

Fundamental Geometry

This course covers the basics of Euclidean Geometry. Mike Patterson’s Common Core Geometry curriculum is used.

Financial Math

In this course, students learn about personal finance. Topics covered include income, recordkeeping, checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, loans, transportation, housing, insurance, and investments.

Supplemental textbook materials for this course can be found at

Here is a list of my extra duties:

SADD Moderator

PowerSchool Facilitator

Big Red Building Buddies Facilitator