Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Marquette Catholic High School, a student must successfully complete work in certain well-defined branches of study.  A credit refers to the value given for a semester course.  In general, a semester course is worth 1 credit and a year course is worth 2 credits.  All Marquette students are required to be carrying eight credits each semester.  Juniors and seniors are allowed to carry seven credits each semester if a student is registered for college Calculus, a college-level online course, or a work release is obtained.
A student entering Marquette must successfully complete 56 academic credits to be awarded a diploma from Marquette.
The board has specified 40 of these credits to be taken in the following departments: theology, English, math, social studies, science, health, and computers.  Specifically, each student graduating from Marquette must successfully meet the following departmental requirements:

8 credits of Theology (An exception may be granted under extenuating circumstances with the approval of the Administrative Team.  However, the student will be obligated to fulfill service program requirements.)

9 credits of English including 2 credits each in English I, II, III or AP English Lit Comp, and IV or AP English Lang and Comp

7 credits of Mathematics including 4 credits in Algebra or Basic Algebra (an exception will be made for a student enrolled in Algebra I as an 8th grade student), 2 credits in Geometry or Fundamental Geometry, and one credit in Consumer Math. *These credits must be earned from the date of the student’s matriculation into high school.

6 credits of Natural Science including 2 credits each in Physical Science, Biology, and Prechemistry or Chemistry.

7 credits of Social Studies including 2 credits each in World Studies, U.S. History and 1 credit each in American Government and Sociology

1 credit of Computers I

2 credits of Health

The other 16 credits may be selected by the individual student from those courses offered at Marquette and those shared-time courses at Bellevue Community High School which are approved by Marquette’s administration.  Band and choir will each be worth 2 credits per year which will count toward the 56 credits required for graduation and will be calculated into the student’s grade point average.
In addition, each student is expected to take physical education each semester; waivers for an individual semester will be granted only for medical reasons or scheduling conflicts deemed irresolvable by the administration.  Each year of physical education carries 1/4 credit per year which counts toward the 56 credits required for graduation and is calculated into the student’s grade point average.
Students for Educational Services (SES) is available to juniors and seniors and is worth 1/2 credit per semester.  Students may take SES for a maximum of two semesters earning a maximum of one credit. These credits count toward graduation but are issued on a Pass-Fail basis and are not calculated into the student’s grade point average although they do appear on official transcripts. Students may not take Work Release and SES in the same semester.
In the light of increasing entrance requirements for Iowa’s colleges and state universities, those planning to go to college are urged to take additional mathematics including Algebra II, additional science including Chemistry, and at least two years of a foreign language.