5 Year Strategic Plan

Marquette Catholic

5 Year Strategic Plan


July 2013



The Why of Strategic Planning

Characteristics of a Good Strategic Plan

The Plan’s Development

Current Reality          Strategic Plan         Vision

current reality

The Current Reality











The vision

The Vision







Constraining Forces1. Rural demographics
2. Limited ability to increase tuition
3. Parish concerns re: subsidy
4. Inaccurate negative public perceptions
5. Accurate negative public perceptions
6. Facility needs
Supporting Forces

  1. Overall favorable reputation
  2. Only Catholic school
  3. Favorable school culture
  4. Support of Pastor
  5. Dedicated donor base (albeit small)
  6. New and focused leadership team
  7. Dedicated faculty and staff


project schedule2013 Project Schedule


committee roster









Strategic Planning Committee Roster


enrollment by residence








2012-13 Enrollment by Residence


enrollment trends










Enrollment Trends













Table of Contents

  1.  I.         Introduction
  2.  II.         Vision
  3.  III.        Mission and Catholic Identity
  4.  IV.        Enrollment and Marketing Plan
  5.   V.         Education Plan
  6.  VI.        Faculty/Staff Plan
  7.  VII.      Facilities Plan
  8. VIII.      Development  Plan
  9.  IX.        Leadership and Governance Plan
  10.   X.        Finance Plan

Vision – Marquette Catholic Schools will:

  1. Continue to provide a distinctively Catholic educational environment which is rooted in Gospel values and challenges students to respond to the call to scholarship, leadership and service.  The schools will continue to be communities in which young people know and live their faith, think critically, exercise leadership and serve others.
  2. Actively strive to implement and promote an integrated vision of Catholic education encompassing kindergarten through twelfth grade.
  3. Be seen as an extension of the four supporting parishes where all parishioners recognize and support the schools as one of the many important ministries of the parishes, and the students and parents understand the importance of developing their faith in the parish community.
  4. Be recognized as schools which have high expectations and standards for all students, offering quality and innovative programs which integrate spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development and motivate all students to succeed.
  5. Provide an outstanding educational experience that prepares students for post-secondary education and life-long learning, one that makes Marquette Catholic Schools a school of destination for students in eastern Iowa.
  6. Provide technology that is current, integrated and effectively utilized to support administrative, teaching and student learning processes.
  7. Attract and retain a highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff through competitive compensation and comprehensive professional development opportunities.
  8. Provide a campus that is safe, attractive and welcoming and provides facilities needed for a quality educational program by implementing its facility master plan.
  9. Provide frequent communication with all stakeholders in order to engender a deep sense of appreciation and ownership among all of their constituencies, resulting in greater personal, financial and prayerful support for the schools.
  10. Maintain effective strategic and financial planning and a comprehensive institutional Development program to ensure future viability.

Mission and Catholic Identity

  1. The connection and relationships between Marquette Catholic Schools and the four supporting parishes will be enhanced and strengthened.
  2. The Service Program will be reviewed with consideration given to creating a developmental Service Learning Program.
  3. Parents will be actively involved in the spiritual formation of their children.


 registered parish householdsRegistered Parish Households


 infant baptismsInfant Baptisms


First Eucharists

first eucharists


 Religious Education Enrollment by Grade

religious ed enrollment by grades

Enrollment and Marketing Plan

  1. Marquette Catholic Schools will be marketed effectively to create a compelling value proposition with clear brand identity to strengthen the school’s position in the marketplace.
  2. Students will be aggressively recruited from Bellevue and surrounding communities not served by a Catholic school or a Catholic high school.
  3. The tuition rates and the tuition assistance program will be reviewed.

 Education Plan

  1. Review the Student Learning Goals.
  2. Use the updated Student Learning Goals to create the academic plan necessary to achieve those expectations.
  3. Develop an ongoing, thematic professional development program.
  4. Create and implement a comprehensive Technology Plan.
  5. Implement appropriate programs to expand the curriculum beyond traditional parameters.
  6. A systemic supervision and evaluation process for administrators, faculty and staff will be developed and implemented.

 Faculty/Staff Plan

  1. Marquette Catholic Schools will be staffed appropriately and efficiently to continue providing a quality Catholic education.
  2. Marquette Catholic Schools will be able to attract, recruit and retain dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff committed to quality Catholic education.

 Facilities Plan

  1. Develop a comprehensive, written facility master plan.

 Development Plan

  1. Create a comprehensive Development Plan.
  1. Establish an official Alumni Association.
  2. Position Marquette Catholic Schools for a new capital campaign in the next five years.

 Leadership and Governance Plan

  1. The Administration and the School Board will continue to develop a culture of effective, ongoing strategic and financial planning.
  2. The School Board will review and update its set of Bylaws.

 Finance Plan

  1. Structure the financial projection to continue the recent trend of reducing parish subsidies.
  2. Fund building improvements and equipment repair/replace in the annual operating budget.