Student Council

2020-2021 Student Council – Click the above picture to view student council activities.

Student Body President: Delaney Banowetz

Student Body Vice President: Ellie O’Brien

Class Presidents:

Carson Michels

Kaylee Koos

Elise Kilburg

Isaac Brinker 

Class Representatives:

Maura Tracy and Julian Nam

Allison Kettmann and Holly Beauchamp

Trevor Klein and Ella Tracy

Katie Tritz and Aidan Clausen

Faculty Adviser: 

Mr. James Hollensbe

Student Council participates in or organizes the following activities:

Summer Activities:  Relay for Life, Bender Brat Stand (fundraiser),  Bellevue Heritage Days Parade and Lemonade Stand

Fall Activities:  School Preparation Days, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Drive, Student Council Chicken Dinner

Winter Activities:  Homecoming Dance, Appreciation Meal for the Faculty/Staff

Spring Activities: Magic of Children, Freshman Orientation, Teacher Wish List

On-going Activities:  Student “Snack Shack”


Funds raised by 2020-21 Marquette Student Council benefited the following:

Marquette Faculty and Staff, Marquette State Bound Teams and Individuals, Jackson County Relay for Life, Marquette Homecoming, Marquette Homework Center, HOBY and DAYLC student registrations, Magic of Children, United We Build, and Senior Scholarships.